Album update. Yes, we said ALBUM!

Hi Flashback Photograph fans – Danny here. So the new EP has become the new album – Flashback’s first, in fact. We have a working title, but more on that in a future update. Exciting times indeed.

Recording is going very well, and very smoothly. It’s my first proper album recording experience, but, far from being a slog, it’s just great fun working with Gary and Matt – Gary is particularly boistrous and distractingly amusing while the rest of us get on with the hard work. However, when it’s his turn to record guitar or vocals, he commands absolute silence and utter respect – I think the lead singer status is getting to his head already 😉

We have two tracks more or less finalised, and the rest of the album is pencilled in. The tracks are written, the music is mostly formed; just the process of getting them on vinyl… well, iTunes or something.

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