Live broadcast from Netherton Fest For All

Being a tech-savvy bunch, Flashback Photograph is always looking for new ways to bring our music to you.

Of course, there is nothing better than a live gig, such as the one at Netherton Fest For All on July 25. But what if you can’t make it to one of our live performances?

Well, we are experimenting with the live broadcasting app Periscope. You may have heard of it, but the platform is still pretty new. You can follow us by following @FBPhotograph and @D_LMorgan on Twitter and/or on Periscope. The app allows you to post comments, ask questions and generally interact with the band.

We’ll post links to our live broadcasts on Twitter, or the Periscope app will notify you when we are live.

So, we will hopefully be doing our first live broadcast on July 25 throughout the day, giving you behind-the-scenes coverage. We will also be doing a live broadcast of our main performance – provided we find someone to hold the camera.

Hope you join us ‘scopers.