Cambs, Strawberry Fair & Town and Country Fair

3rd & 11th June 2017

We were delighted to received a message from Cambridge 105 asking if we wanted to play on there stage at this years Strawberry fair.

Naturally we said yes however our bassist Matt was on holiday, which meant we had to open up the box and let our old one out. Scott played with the band from 2010 – 2015 bringing so many great memories. He agreed to perform with us on one condition, We paint our faces! this was something Scott did on his own when we was in the band before. As this was a special occasion we agreed. On the day of the festival we all met before hand so Scott could paint our faces. 19125281_10154500907390776_1925982971_o

At the festival the reaction were incredible. People wanted there photo with us and some people feared for there lives thinking death had come and it was there time. The only thing it was time for was some folk rocking music. Our set went really well, and the crowd loved us, the set was also broadcasted live on Cambridge 105 which was awesome.


The following weekend we had a gig at the Town and Country fair on Parkers Piece in the centre of Cambridge. It was a great atmosphere with lots happening, I even see some knights of old, sword fighting to the death. There were a great bunch of people around the music tent showing support and having a little dance which is always great to see.

For this show we also needed Scott to cover again for Matt as he had come down with a serious case of explosive diarrhea and could not make the gig. ( He is all fit and well now!)

As the makeup went down well at Strawberry fair we deicide we had to-do it again. We got a similar reaction to those who see us at Strawberry fair, this time we all did our own to save time, Im sure over time we will perfect the art of face painting.

We have not been playing in Cambridge for that long but just from the few shows we have done we cant wait to get back and play some more. LHeader