The Name

Over the past years, a question I have frequently been asked is how the band name came together? Well the story behind it is not as ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ as you’d probably like! After putting the original band together a group of friends wrote down a whole bunch of names and placed them in to a hat. One of the band members mum’s picked out the first name being Photograph, none of us liked that name so picked again and second name chosen was Flashback. We put them both together and from that day forward we had our name.

Now days the name works well but early days we were mistaken for a photography company.

Our Mexican theam came from our first song written together ‘This is Mexico’ I would later write a second part to this song known today as ‘The Man From Mexico’ and this song is available today on our latest release available on iTunes, Spotify etc.
Maybe I should finish the trilogy and write one more Mexican themed song?
We will see…

That’s all for now Flashers
Old line up
The Original Line up, Scott Robert Brun (left) Iain Clark (Middle) Gary Lee Ward (Right)