A brief history by Matt

I joined the band in 2011 after taking a uke round to Gary’s old flat and jamming through Mr Popular. Genuinely can’t remember how or why that happened.

Since I joined it’s changed from being a bit more rock sounding (when it was the original three-piece with Scott and Iain), then more folky (when I joined with ukulele, banjolele and harmonica), then pretty much fully acoustic (with me and Gary doing some duo stuff, before Danny joined on cajon), and now we’re back to being a more full on folky rock outfit.

Back in the day we had very few gigs and most of our playing time was in Iain’s spare room. We just played for fun, for hanging out, and just for the love of music. Now we’re a much more ‘professional’ band, with regular gigs and with band funds going towards equipment, PA, studio time and promotions.

We’re still continuing to develop though. Soon Danny will rejoin us, having learnt to play bass, and I’ll be moving to more ‘ad hoc’ role, occasionally joining in with some banjo, ukulele, harmonica and anything else that might sound good

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Scott Brun, Iain Clark, Gary Lee Ward, Matt Worthington,