Bestival 2017 

We had the honour and privilege to play at this years Bestival! 

After playing at Camp Bestival in July we were thrilled to announce that we would be performing two sets at Bestival in the Pigs Big Record Club tent which was located at the base of Lulworth Castle. Our first set was 11pm on Sat the 9th then the second at 1:10pm on the 10th. 
Both sets went very well both with a different crowd. Saturday night we had a nice crowd of dancers filling the tent and entrance to the tent, the Sunday the tent were crammed with people like us, still shattered from the night before. It didn’t stop many still dancing and making it the perfect experience for us! The festival it’s self was incredible with so many fantastic artist such as Dizzie Rascal, RagnBone Man and many more. The mud factor did not disappoint with many loosing wellies and getting stuck in the mud. 

Despite the 7 hour journey home we had a great time. Best gig of the year!